Masters Project Blog

Blogging about Masters #4

Whoah. Getting to the end of the Twine project I think.

Progress_25thOctProgress as of 25th of October.

Originally  wanted to have it finished and playable by the end of last week. but I think I can do it this week. Two of the three ‘events’ you can do before the fighitng in the game is done and I am currently in the process of the fighting mechanic.

Both you and the enemy can attack and if you win you can g on to the ending that I still haven’t finished. What I need to do is implement the items you gain from the different ‘events’ that will make the battle more than just chance on how much each of you hit the other with.

I only found out recently that audio is hard to implement in Harlowe format, but it is not essensial to the game and I do not plan on changing it to a format that support audio better.

firstpassage25thoct First passage in the game.


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